How do I convert PST to PDF with an attachment?

You may keep all of your Outlook data items, including attachments, in an Outlook PST file. The issue with this file, though, is that Outlook is required to access it. Now, one must save PST to PDF with attachments if they wish to share Outlook data while preserving its original information and layout.

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The mobility of PDF files has led to their widespread adoption. This file may be accessed without any issues using PDF reader software, whether you use a Windows computer. This is the reason why people like using PDF files for sharing, and there is no better way to share Outlook data with attachments than to save Outlook data as a PDF.

What is the cleverest way to save a PST file with attachments?

In this case, attachment is the crucial element. It's crucial to export attachments as PDF files. Due to the fact that manual procedures do not permit exporting attachments, one cannot use them. In this situation, Softaken Outlook PST to PDF Converter Software will be the wise choice. All Outlook emails and attachments may be converted into PDF files with this program. The email attachments file extension is irrelevant in this case. Here is what you need to do to put the clever strategy to save PST to PDF with attachments into practice:

  • Download and install it on the computer, and then start it.
  • Choose either the Add File or Add Folder option. 
  • After loading the Outlook PST file, users can preview all the items. 
  • Choose a PDF file as the target file.            
  • Select the destination folder to save the files and click the Export button.

As you can see, using this program entails just five straightforward actions to save PST to PDF with attachments. What are you still holding out for? Right now, download the program and start saving.

Superior PST-to-PDF Converter Features

The program has several incredible features that make storage quick and secure.

Additional PDF Options: Advanced PDF file settings are available through the tool, including Bates number and date stamping. The consumers of PDF benefit greatly from these advantages. Additionally, the software interface allows users to select the page margin, page size, page orientation (landscape or portrait), etc.

basic options: To save PST to PDF with attachments, the program also provides basic options like a date filter and naming convention. Additionally, the program gives users the option of keeping or deleting the "Internet Message Header".

Bulk PST Export: Users have the option to add several PST files to the program for export if they so sire. Use the Add Folder option instead of adding each file individually to do that.

No Risk of Data Loss: this program carries any risk of data loss or irruption. This utility can be used without concern for such things.

Quick and easy: This tool requires very little user input. Simply follow the simple instructions, and your program will take care of the rest.

100% Secure: The utility is devoid of spyware, malware, and viruses. So you don't have to be concerned about the security of your data when you use this to save PST to PDF with attachments.

Maintain Folder Structure: After conversion, users can choose to maintain the PST files' original folder structure. Depending on your needs, tick or uncheck the option bearing the same name.

Advanced Scan: Data may be recovered and converted from damaged PST files if users have any. The program will correct any corruption in the file before exporting if the Advance Scan box is checked when importing the file.


PST and PDF are both widely used file formats, and users frequently need to save PST to PDF with attachments for a variety of reasons. Users may access Outlook email data on any computer, including ones without Outlook installed, thanks to this conversion. To save a PST file into a portable document file, use the clever technique described here. This method enables the export of PDF files' integrated attachments. Users must only utilize the automatic solution because there is no manual way available.

16 Sep 2023

Outlook PST to PDF Converter Software

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