Export Outlook VCF to a Readable Format: A Great Guide

Upgrade your Outlook experience effortlessly! Get a simple solution to export Outlook VCF to a readable format. Our complete guide walks you through it step by step, making sure your contacts work smoothly across Excel, CSV, and others. Easily manage and access your contacts by converting them hassle-free!

An Overview to Export Outlook VCF to a Readable Format

Outlook contacts are crucial for individuals and organizations, facilitating vital connections with clients and other significant associates. Yet, occasions arise when users must export their Outlook contacts—whether for migrating to a new email platform or as a precautionary backup. Given the diversity among MS Outlook versions, each with its distinct configurations, it's vital to grasp diverse methods for exporting contacts.

Exporting Outlook contacts involves accessing the Contacts section and using the "Export" function to save in CSV (Comma-Separated Values) or vCard (VCF) formats. CSV files are editable in Excel for easy contact data management. 

vCard (VCF) files store contact details and can be used across applications, offering a standardized way to share. They can store a single contact or multiple contacts and are easily shareable via email or file transfer methods. It is commonly used to exchange contact information between different programs, devices, or platforms.

Reasons to Export Outlook VCF to a Readable Format

There are several causes in which users need to perform the export task, a few of which are highlighted as follows:

1. By converting VCF files to another format like PDF, it ensures compatibility with many platforms and enhances the user experience.

2. Readable formats allow users to edit information easily even in bulk.

3. For seamless integration, many applications need your contacts list in a proper readable format. 

4. Readable formats like PDFs are suitable for creating hard copies or detailed documentation of contact information.

How to Export Outlook VCF to a Readable Format?

To perform the procedure there are two different types of approaches: a conventional and an automated solution. So, first, we will discuss the steps of the manual technique:

1. Initially, find the desired vCard file. Right-click and choose "Open with," then select Wordpad.

2. Using Wordpad, access and review the details within the VCF file.

3. Next, press Ctrl+P to print the information in a PDF format.

4. Select "Microsoft Print to PDF."

5. Click "Print," and assign a name and location for the new file.

6. Finally, initiate the printing process by clicking "Print.

The mentioned method suits small-scale conversions but proves impractical for substantial data volumes. For bulk VCF conversion and optimal results, experts recommend transitioning to PDF format. To address this need, an automated solution stands out, promising efficient conversions to discuss further.

Efficiently Converting Outlook VCF to PDF Using Advanced Software

Nowadays, there is one of the most efficient software which is also advised by IT professionals because of its advanced functionality. The software is SysTools vCard Viewer Pro Plus Tool

No wonder there is no other technique like this as it is one of the most credible tools we have. Let’s have a look at the easiest steps to convert VCF to PDF.

1. Download and install the software. Access it via Start >> All Programs

2. Utilize the "Add File" button to locate and select the necessary files by browsing and clicking "Open."

3. For multiple VCF files, opt for the "Add Folder" button on the software's home screen. 

4. Navigate to and choose the folder, then click "OK." The software initiates the scanning process.

As we saw above, the steps of a smart solution. In the next part, we understand why experts recommend this tool with the help of its key features.

What Makes This Software a Preferred Choice?

There are many functionalities offered by the aforementioned tool, some of them are mentioned below:

1. Converts VCF to MSG, PDF, CSV (Google & Yahoo), PST, and HTML formats.

2. Handles Single and Multiple Contacts VCF files efficiently.

3. Supports Batch Conversion to CSV for streamlined processing.

4. Allows Bulk Conversion in batches for convenience.

5. Pre-conversion contact preview ensures accuracy.

6. No export limitations are imposed on the number of contacts.

7. Compatibility with various VCF versions: vCard 2.1, 3.0, & 4.0.

8. It also allows to import multiple VCF files into Outlook.

Bottom Lines

In this comprehensive guide, we find all the reliable solutions to the query i.e. how to export Outlook VCF to a readable format. For the same, we learned the reasons behind it and we understand the concept in-depth. In addition, after reading out the entire write-up we identified that the smart solution which is mentioned, is one of the best software for the process.

17 Nov 2023

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