The Upside of Lupus: 15 Life Lessons You Can Learn From A Chronic Inflammatory Illness

This book was a personal project and a dream of mine; to be an author ✍🏻🤓

Living with a chronic inflammatory disease is never easy. But who would have thought that through all the physical and emotional pain, there are life lessons beautifully presented to us by our Creator? Lupus is a precious gift that has changed how I think about life's meaning. Pain does not always end with tears. Complications do not always lead to frustrations. Incurable does not mean we will stay miserable for eternity. Something different might bring a significant impact on your life forever. I know mine does.

Difficulties and challenges are meant to move us forward. These are the elements that put each one of us into a sense of realization that we are stronger than we thought. During our trying times, we push through our limits to survive, and during that journey, we will discover many things about ourselves, our family, our friends, and the people around us.

Lupus has taught me to look beyond the severe fatigue episodes, look beyond the multiple stretch marks on my body, and look beyond the hardships in life. The almost 17 years of living with Lupus Nephritis Stage 4 is well-described as intensive life training to appreciate my life better and to have a stronger bond with Him.

Lupus is a gift, and The Upside of Lupus is a compilation of my personal stories of where I discovered the beauty of this gift. 


30 Jul 2021


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