How to Print Windows Live Mail to PDF Documents in Easy Steps?

Is it your goal to print Windows Live Mail to PDF files? However, not able to get the right answer? Don't be concerned! Read this article to get an understanding of how to export Windows Live Mail messages to PDF documents.

There are a lot of people who wish to convert Windows Live Mail to PDF Adobe documents, including forensic investigators, lawyers, teachers, engineers, students, and both technical and non-technical users. Users choose to make use of the Portable Document Format since it is useful for accomplishing a variety of activities quickly and efficiently. Especially in today's digital age, PDF documents are highly suited for the completion of printing-related duties. The judiciary also permits the submission of digital evidence in the courtroom in the form of a PDF document.

As a result, in this post, we will discuss the many approaches that you may use to do this activity successfully. Let’s begin the article by mentioning some users queries. 

Read the user queries to have a better understanding of the requirement to print Windows Live Mail in PDF format

I am a second-year MBA student, and I am now sending and receiving emails with the Windows Live Mail email client application. I received an email from my professor recently informing me of some essential course facts. I'd want to convert Windows Live Mail messages to PDF documents so that they may be printed effortlessly.

Hello, I have a large number of EML files from Windows Live mail that I would want to print in PDF format. I've seen manual steps, but they didn't appear to be able to handle large conversion. If anyone has any information on how to bulk convert Windows Live Mail emails to PDF, please share your knowledge with me.

How to Convert Windows Live Mail emails to PDF document format?

It is not feasible to convert multiple emails from Windows Live Mail to PDF at the same time. The only thing you have to do is keep selecting EML files, which might be quite time consuming. In order to do this assignment, it is recommended that you obtain and use any professional app available.

The Professional Email Converter is the one that we recommend. Because of its versatility, this application is capable of quickly resolving all types of user requests. It is simple to convert an unlimited number of Windows Live Mail EML files to PDF format without encountering any difficulties. Also, during the conversion process, this software maintains all the email properties. 

Smooth steps to print Windows Live Mail emails to PDF document format

  1. Free download Windows Live Mail to PDF Converter on your Windows machine.
  2. Run this software and click the Open button. Then, choose Desktop Email Clients from the list.
  3. Choose Windows Live Mail option from it. Now, choose the required option to browse Windows Live Mail data.
  4. This software will load your selected emails on the left panel. Click on loaded files and view EML files from Windows Live Mail.
  5. Now, click the Export tab and choose PDF as file saving option.
  6. Select the destination path and file naming option. Lastly, click Save to begin the conversion process. The software starts converting Windows Live Mail emails to PDF format.

What is the advantage of Adobe PDF?

PDF documents may be readily printed or accessed on a variety of platforms, including Windows OS, Mac OS, Android, iPhone, iPad, and Kindle, amongst others.

Users may simply open PDF documents using a variety of PDF reader apps even if they do not have internet access.

Portable Documents are also the most appropriate format for providing evidence (information) for judicial court and other legal actions, such as arbitration.

PDF files provide powerful search capabilities, allowing users to quickly locate any specific content inside multipage PDF documents without difficulty.

The Final Words

In this blog post, we'll show you how to convert Windows Live Mail messages to PDF documents. There are no flaws or faults in this converting software at this time. It is not necessary to have Windows Live Mail installed in order to complete the process because it simply requires WLM emails. Installation of the tool is possible on all current and previous versions of Windows operating systems, including the most recent Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019. If you have any questions or concerns when exporting Windows Live Mail to PDF, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support staff.

27 Oct 2023

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