How to Perform Google Drive Migration to OneDrive Task?

On many occasions, users look to move out the data from Google Drive to OneDrive, a service offered by Microsoft 365. However, both offer users the flexibility to save their data, but behind transferring the data from one to another, users have their own reasons. But, here we aim to introduce with one of the most efficient utilities that allows to make a Google Drive migration to OneDrive. Although, users can also make the migration without any tool, which involves first downloading the data from Google Drive and then uploading the data to OneDrive.

But such procedure will be time consuming so it is a good approach to move to the different solution.

Shoviv Google Drive migration tool is a top-notch solution that offers a quick way for users to migrate the complete Google Drive data into OneDrive. Users can transfer their data from multiple drives and can also migrate the selective data with the help of its filter option.

  1. Users will have the option to apply filter criteria like file size, file extension, and much more. 
  2. It permits users to use the migration scheduling option for migrating the data weekly, daily, and monthly.
  3. This tool also allows to run multiple drive migration jobs, which will not affect the performance of this utility.
  4. An incremental export facility will ensure that the migration starts with the new data left over in the previous migration.
  5. The GUI of the software makes the working of this drive migration tool simpler.

The software provides a free demo version, which users can use to check out its features. Also, the free version allows to process the file which is less than 20kb in size.

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28 Sep 2023

google drive migration to onedrive
google drive migration

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