Top Method to Convert OST to PST File Format

One of the best information managers is Microsoft Outlook. Email sending and receiving is its primary use. Outlook saved emails, calendar events, contacts, and tasks in two different types of data files: OST (Offline Storage Table) and PST (Personal Storage Table).

A copy of the files kept on the server is contained in the OST file. It saved the OST files and downloaded every trade item to your local computer. You can work offline or without an internet connection with the aid of this. It adjusts automatically with the Exchange mailbox and saves all of your modifications to the Exchange server whenever internet connectivity is available. There are benefits and drawbacks to this functionality.

Why is OST to PST conversion necessary?

To retrieve exchange mailbox backups, to retrieve information from damaged OST files. when OST file data is unavailable. When you encounter errors such as the inability to add a file to a folder or finish an action, etc.

Manual methods to convert OST to PST

Step 1: Microsoft Outlook must be opened.

Step 2: Select Import and Export from the File menu.

Step 3: After that, select Export to a File and click Next.  

Step 4: Click the Next button after choosing the Outlook Data File (.pst).

Step 5: Choose the Mailbox Folder from which to export. The subdirectory may be included as well.

 Step 6: Choose the folder in which you wish to save your newly created PST file by browsing through it and clicking the Finish button.

How to recover data from corrupted OST file?

A third-party OST to PST Conversion Tool is required in order to restore data from the corrupted file. Although there are manual techniques available, they are not very successful in recovering corrupted files. The manual approach has its own drawbacks. While manual approaches can occasionally be successful, the likelihood of losing your data is very high.

What is the best OST to PST Converter?

Several third-party OST to PST software options are accessible. However, depending on features and user satisfaction, you may select the top ZOOK OST to PST Converter. This is the greatest tool for what it does, and it can swiftly retrieve data from corrupted OST files. Trial versions are also available for use. As a result, you

Key Features of the Converter from OST to PST  

1: Full OST file conversion into PST format, including emails, folders, attachments, etc.

2: Users can export several OST files at once in PST format.

3: The folder hierarchy will not change while converting an OST file to a PST file.

4: Preserves OST email formatting when imported into a PST file.

5: Offers the Suggested Saving Location for the PST file that is created.

6: Completely compatible with OST files from every Outlook version.

7: Operates smoothly on Windows OS.

8: An easy-to-use graphical user interface for OST to PST migration.

9: A thirty-day money-back guarantee

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14 Nov 2023

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