Review on recent advancement in semen additives for improving cryopreservation of bull semen

Artificial insemination (AI) and semen cryopreservation are the most widely used assisted reproductive

technologies (ART) in livestock farming. Bovine reproduction, particularly in developing countries,

relies heavily on assisted reproduction using AI with cryopreserved semen. During cryopreservation, the

sperm cells face plenty of cold-induced insults. Especially oxidative stress due to excessive Reactive

Oxygen Species (ROS) production, the sperm plasma membranes suffer a lot of damage. It leads to the

reduction in the quality of spermatozoa in terms of its motility and fertility. Additives are various

supplements added in semen extender to improve the freeze thaw sperm recovery and fertility. Majority

of the supplements have antioxidant property hence scavenging free radicals and preventing lipid

peroxidation. Semen additives are classified based on their chemical composition and their mechanism of

action. This review article will discuss about various semen additives used over the past decade for

cryopreservation of bovine semen.

22 Oct 2020

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