How to increase the income of livestock farmers in India: Recommendation of various interventions & Suggestions

India has gone through both green and white revolution post independence, but till today the condition of farmers hasn’t improved significantly. Farmers are still striving for suitable prices of the commodities and are getting exploited by vicious money mongers. Animal Husbandry sector contributes the most to improve the financial status of farmers. There should be improvement of breeds, animal feed and nutrition, health management, better breeding policy, extension and training programme, rate of artificial insemination and proper dissemination of knowledge regarding livestock rearing among farmers. Resourceful persons can guide farmers regarding modification of the existing rearing system, induction of higher germplasm, integrated farming methodologies. Co-operative societies and self help groups (SHGs) with skilled members can enhance the income of farmers with the help of modern technologies.

27 Oct 2020

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