Windows NextGen UI/UX Design

Windows NextGen UI/UX Design

Prototype Design for a Future Version of Windows

Author: Divyanshu Dubey

Date: 03-10-2023


This prototype design proposes a new vision for a future version of Windows. The design is focused on creating a more user-centric and efficient operating system that is optimized for productivity and creativity.

Key Features

  • A new, more streamlined user interface: The user interface is designed to be more intuitive and easier to use, with a focus on reducing clutter and making it easier to find the information and tools that users need.
  • A more powerful and flexible taskbar: The taskbar is redesigned to be more powerful and flexible, with support for multiple toolbars, customizable widgets, and new ways to launch and manage applications.
  • A new notification center: The notification center is redesigned to provide a more centralized view of all notifications, including app notifications, system notifications, and calendar events. Users can also choose to filter notifications by app or category.
  • A new power management system: The power management system is redesigned to offer more granular control over how the system uses energy. Users can choose to optimize the system for performance, battery life, or a balanced approach.
  • A new virtual desktop system: The virtual desktop system is redesigned to make it easier to manage multiple workspaces. Users can create and switch between virtual desktops with ease, and each virtual desktop can have its own set of applications and settings.
  • A new file explorer: The file explorer is redesigned to make it easier to find and manage files and folders. Users can use a new ribbon interface to access common file management tasks, and they can also use a new power search feature to quickly find the files they need.

03 Oct 2023

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Windows NextGen
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