Designed & Developed a website for a Career Counsellor

What did I do? 

I designed and developed a website for a career counsellor who wanted to have an online presence and reach more clients.

How did I do it?

My Process:

  • Discovery: I conducted thorough research on the client’s needs, preferences, colour schemes, typography, and goals. I engaged them in a dialogue that helped me understand their personal brand, their target audience, and their desired design style.
  • Brainstorming: I used FigJam, a collaborative tool that lets you sketch, draw, and write together. I came up with some ideas for the website layout, navigation, content, and features. I shared my ideas with the client and got their feedback.
  • Designing: I used Figma, where I applied the principles of UI/UX design and web development to design the website pages on Figma. I used the client’s colour scheme, typography, and brand identity to create a consistent and appealing look and feel. I also used Figma’s prototyping feature to create interactive mockups of the website.
  • Developing: I used EditorX, where I transferred the design from Figma to EditorX and developed the website using the features and functionalities that suited the client’s needs. I made sure that the website was compatible with different devices and browsers.
  • Integrating: I helped the client with integrating their domain, creating a newsletter, adding lead capture pop-ups, and optimizing the website. 
  • Explaining: I called the client on Google Meet, where I explained to them how to use the platform, how to view analytics, how to see the leads, and how to edit the website, I also gave them some tips and tricks on how to market their website and attract more customers.
  • Referring: I also helped them with referring Topmate, a platform that helps them create and sell their courses, calls, and other services. I showed them how to use Topmate to monetize their expertise and generate more revenue.

    What tools did I use?
    I used EditorX, and Figma

    How much did it cost?
    It cost between 20k-50k INR.

    If you like what you see and want to work with me on your next project, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can contact me on Whatsapp/Email:
    Whatsapp: +91 8217272562

01 Jul 2023

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