Import Outlook PST To Thunderbird – 2023 Direct Solution

Outlook is an expensive premium email application that is also a feature-rich and flexible email utility. Therefore, users of Outlook might choose to switch to Thunderbird, a more reliable freeware email service provider. Sadly, PST files must be imported into Mozilla Thunderbird in order to access past data for users who transition from Outlook to Thunderbird. The awful thing is that most people don't know how to load files correctly. Consequently, this post will outline the ideal choice for any Outlook user wishing to import PST files into Thunderbird.

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Easy Ways to Add PST Files into Thunderbird Email Client

  1. Gmail is configured in Outlook, 
  2. Import PST files into Thunderbird using Google Takeout.
  3. Using Outlook PST Converter: A Quick Fix

Step 1: If your Outlook account is configured with Gmail

Thunderbird and Outlook both allow you to manage multiple IMAP accounts. Furthermore, it enables users to import PST files into Thunderbird and transmit data using the chosen email account. If you have previously linked your Outlook profile to your Gmail account, simply follow the instructions below.

  • To access your Gmail account, sign in to your Outlook account.
  • The Outlook emails should now be dropped into the Gmail folder.
  • If not, you may move all of your Outlook emails into a new folder that you build in your configured Gmail account.
  • Once you have transferred all of your important Outlook emails to your Gmail account, you need to link your Gmail account to Thunderbird.
  • You can easily view and get to your emails in Thunderbird once you've set up your Gmail account with Thunderbird correctly.

Step 2: Use Google Takeout to import PST files into Thunderbird

Utilize the Add account option to link Gmail to Outlook if it isn't already done. After it's linked, create a new folder called "TEST" beneath your Gmail ID. Using the Ctrl key, select every required Outlook email from the Inbox. Next, transfer every message to the newly created folder in the Gmail ID that has been set up. This is a step-by-step guide on importing Outlook mail into Thunderbird. 

  • Using your Gmail login information, log into Google Takeout at
  • On the option to download your data tab, choose the data to add to the Thunderbird profile.
  • Click next after choosing the Testing folder, which has all of the Outlook emails, to proceed.
  • Hit the Create Archive button after choosing the proper file type, delivery method, and archive size in the Customize Archive Format section.
  • The Outlook data that you must import into your Thunderbird account can be easily downloaded from your Gmail account.

Step 3: An Innovative Solution using the PST to MBOX Converter Tool

For a seamless and trouble-free PST file import into Thunderbird, it is advised to use the Outlook PST to MBOX Converter tool. With the help of this standalone application, users can export their PST emails to a format that works with Thunderbird without ever losing any data. Furthermore, this tool's user-friendly interface makes it possible for a non-technical person to finish the file conversion process without running into any technical issues.

5 Simple Steps to Import PST into Thunderbird

  • Run Outlook PST Converter Tool after installing it.
  • Choose the PST file to import.
  • Extract Email Items from PST Files
  • Select the email clients for Thunderbird from the Save As menu.
  • In order to import PST files into Thunderbird, press the Convert button.

The ideal method for importing PST files into the Thunderbird program is a question that many users have. Apart from the multiple manual techniques outlined in this article. It is advised to employ the straightforward and useful method offered by the Outlook Conversion tool. It is a one-stop shop for simple PST file addition and import into Thunderbird.

26 Oct 2023


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