Took this NFT project to 6.5K followers in just three months!

An Outlier ventures-backed FinTech project that helps people to buy NFTs in groups recently reached out to us to help with their Twitter content and strategy. 

Despite posting 1,000+ content, they had approx. 1,500 impressions, 500 profile visits, and 35-40 followers gain on a month-on-month basis.

And there, we stepped in! 

We revamped their entire Twitter strategy, right from the scratch. While doing competitor research, we discovered new types of content that we could use to boost the page. 

Using our research and analysis, we created high-quality, GenZ content, backed numbers and started engaging with fellow creators and users. 


Boom! In just 21 days, their Twitter looked totally different:

- 1,25,000+ impressions (up by 7,710.9%) 

- 2,000+ followers (up by 1,948%) 


And at the end of the 2nd month, here's what we achieved:

- 9,37,000+ impressions

- 6,500+ followers

And the best part? 75-78% of our growth was organic. The only reason we ran one ad was to promote an event. In the next 4-5 weeks, we continued our efforts and kept adding new ingredients to the strategy. One such key ingredient was using the meme strategy that helped us to grow faster. 

Even better - we always kept their engagement rate at more than 5, which is 2x the industry standard! 🚀  


Types of content we used:

- Memes (example)

- One/two liners (example)

- Simplifying "how to" guides (example)

- Detailed analysis of industry updates (example)

- Short case studies on NFT projects (example)


20 Apr 2022

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