Here's how we took XR Couture to 100K+ impression in two months

XR Couture was a metaverse fashion brand with a pre-existing line of products but was looking for marketing help to close a new NFT collection sale in the event - Metaverse Fashion Week. 

We started working with them in March by revamping their existing content and strategies. When we took over XR Couture's Twitter and Discord, it had:



- 1000+ impressions 

- 50 members


Since the Metaverse Fashion Week was happening in March itself, we had very little time to experiment or try to see what kind of content worked. We pulled our sleeves and used our experience to build a solid content pipeline. 

During the Metaverse Fashion Week event, it was an extremely busy week for us since we had to post quite a lot of updates, both for the event as well as our products. We also had to do a lot of back and forth with Decentraland, MVFW, different teams, and whatnot, but it was a very fun experience. 

Post the event and over two months and using high-quality content, we were able to scale the brand to new heights and achieved:


- 1,700+ followers 

- 1,17,000+ impressions 

- 1000+ members 


Thankfully, our Phase I collection was completely sold out within a short time and that itself engages our efforts towards the brand. 

01 Mar 2022

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