How to Change over Excel to VCF Without Programming?

Outline: On the off chance that you are searching for a method for changing over Excel to VCF without utilizing any product, this article gives answers for assist you with finishing the responsibility without any problem. By following the procedures referenced in the article, you can effectively change over Succeed records to VCF design without the requirement for extra programming. Peruse the article to track down the ideal method for your necessities.

Microsoft Excel is broadly utilized for putting away and coordinating a lot of information, including contact data. Contacts are commonly put away in Excel sheets as tables with explicit fields. Be that as it may, a constraint of Succeed records is their reliance on the Microsoft Excel program or other Excel  related applications for opening and altering.

This application reliance can be hazardous when you want to access or share Excel documents without having Succeed introduced or accessible. To resolve this issue, one arrangement is to change over the Excel records into an all the more generally upheld design, like CSV (Comma Isolated Values) or VCF (vCard).

By changing over Excel documents to CSV or VCF, you can make the contact information more available across various stages and applications. CSV records, for instance, can be opened and altered by different projects, including bookkeeping sheet programming and word processors. VCF documents, then again, are ordinarily utilized for putting away contact data and can be brought into email clients, address books, and cell phones.

To change over Excel documents to CSV or VCF, you can utilize manual techniques by trading the information from Excel and saving it in the ideal arrangement. On the other hand, there are particular instruments and programming accessible that can mechanize the transformation cycle and deal extra highlights and customization choices.

Free Answer for Convert Excel to VCF Without Programming

Prior to beginning the transformation interaction to change over Excel records to VCF without programming, you ought to realize that this arrangement is separated into 3 sections. As we referenced above Excel records have their documents in XLS design, there is no arrangement accessible to change over Succeed records to VCF straightforwardly. So first, you need to change over your XLS documents into CSV design.

Section 1: Convert Your Chose Records to CSV Arrangement

• To start with, open your Excel documents

• Click on the Record choice

• Subsequent to tapping the Document choice, you will get the CSV choice

• Click Save to finish the transformation.

Section 2: Import Contacts From the CSV Record

After the transformation of the Excel record to CSV design, the client needs to import the contacts from the changed over CSV documents. Follow the means referenced underneath.

1. Click the Beginning button on your PC and type "contacts" in the hunt bar.

2. From the showed results, go to the Contacts Tab.

3. In the lace bar, you will track down an Import choice.

4. Click on the Import choice and select "Import Windows Contacts."

5. Peruse and choose the Excel document that contains the contact information.

6. Follow the prompts and steps gave to finish the import interaction.

7. When the import is finished, your contacts will be accessible in the Windows Contacts organizer.

8. Presently, you can send out the contacts from the Windows Contacts envelope to a VCF document.

9. To do this, open the Windows Contacts organizer and select every one of the reaches you need to trade.

10. Right-click on the chose contacts and pick the "Ship off" choice.

11. From the sub-menu, select "Compacted (compressed) envelope" to make a Compress document containing the contacts.

12. Rename the Compress document with a .vcf expansion (e.g., contacts.vcf).

13. You currently have a VCF record containing your contacts, which can be opened and imported by different applications and gadgets.

Section 3: Product your Believer Excel Records to VCF Configuration

• Move your contacts via looking through contacts on the pursuit bar

• After this, click the Commodity choice and select vCard/VCF record design

• Click the Product button and peruse the Objective for the changed over VCF records

• Click alright to finish the change

Restrictions of Manual Methodology

I realize you get exhausted by perusing this extensive arrangement yet there could be no other choice to change over Excel to VCF without programming. This arrangement is viable however it is so extended to perform, tedious and you have you carry out 3 stages. There is likewise a colossal gamble to information uprightness. We realize that is proficient to finish transformation yet these limits are gigantic hindrances.

Programmed Answer for Convert Excel Documents into VCF Organization

In the event that you are searching for a more helpful and productive method for changing Excel to VCF design, utilizing specific programming, for example, Excel Contacts Converter is for sure an extraordinary choice. This product is explicitly intended to work on the change interaction and give extra highlights and customization choices. By utilizing Excel Contacts Converter programming, you can smooth out the transformation cycle and guarantee similarity with different applications and gadgets that help VCF design. It gives a helpful and effective answer for changing over your Excel contacts to VCF design with negligible exertion and time venture.

Moves toward Convert Excel Documents to vCard Configuration

• Introduce or Show the product and select documents to utilizing Add record choice

• Get a Review of your chose Excel record

• Select the vCard radio button from the product choices

• Give the area of the changed over documents by tapping the Change button

• Lastly, click the Proselyte button.


In this article, we talk about the question to change over Excel to VCF without programming. We give the most ideal manual strategy yet the manual arrangement is very lengthy and confounding. Thus, we likewise furnish you with the computerized procedure to finish this transformation with next to no problem or in an only couple of snaps.

17 Nov 2023

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