3 Basic Techniques to Save IMAP Information to PST

Outline: This blog features the significance of saving IMAP post box information as PST records and gives three strategies to accomplish this. The strategies incorporate utilizing the Import and Commodity highlight in Outlook , changing IMAP settings to POP3, and using IMAP Reinforcement programming for consistent and free reinforcements, not dependent on Outlook .

Techniques to Save IMAP Post box Information in PST

To save IMAP information in Outlook PST documents, we can attempt the accompanying techniques.

A. Import and Commodity Strategy

B. Change IMAP Settings to POP3

C. Use an outsider device to send out IMAP information to PST

A. Import and Commodity Strategy

1. Open Outlook and go to the Document tab.

2. Click on Open and Commodity and afterward select Import/Product.

3. In the Import and Commodity Wizard, pick the "Product to a document" choice and snap Straightaway.

4. Select "Outlook Information Record (.pst)" as the document type and snap Straightaway.

5. Pick the IMAP letter box or explicit envelopes you need to product and snap Straightaway.

6. Select the objective envelope where you need to save the PST record and give a name to it.

7. You can pick different choices like barring copies or setting a secret key for the PST document whenever wanted.

8. Click Finish to begin the product interaction.

It is vital to take note of that this strategy has a restriction - you can move each letter box in turn to a PST document. Assuming that you have various post boxes, you should rehash the cycle for every one.

By following these means, you can utilize the Import and Commodity highlight in Outlook to back up your IMAP post boxes to Outlook PST documents.

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B. Change IMAP Settings to POP3

Save IMAP information as PST records, you can consider progressing from IMAP to POP3 in your Outlook account settings. By physically changing the record settings with the proper server arrangements, your IMAP information will be naturally chronicled in PST documents.

C. Utilize an Outsider Device to Commodity IMAP Information to PST

You are right. While manual arrangements might be sans cost, they truly do have limits and can time-consume. Proficient instruments like IMAP Reinforcement programming offer a more effective and solid strategy for support up IMAP to Outlook PST documents. These instruments frequently give elements, for example,

1. Particular reinforcement: You can pick explicit envelopes or post box things to back up, giving you more command over the reinforcement cycle.

2. Huge document support: Proficient devices can deal with enormous letter drop measures and have no record size limitations, it is reared up to guarantee that every one of your information.

3. Mechanized reinforcement: A few instruments offer planned or robotized reinforcement choices, permitting you to set up standard reinforcements without manual intercession.

4. Quicker handling: Proficient devices are intended to deal with the reinforcement interaction all the more productively, saving you time and exertion.

5. Simple relocation: A few instruments likewise offer movement choices, permitting you to move your IMAP information to various email clients or stages without any problem.

While picking an expert IMAP reinforcement device, consider factors, for example, dependability, ease of use, client care, and similarity with your particular IMAP server and Outlook rendition.

This product is able to do proficiently backing up messages, schedules, contacts, undertakings, and more in a solitary activity. Also, it gives various channel choices, permitting you to pick explicit things for reinforcement specifically. To acquire a superior comprehension of the way this functions, kindly note that the accompanying advances are given in a summed up structure to your reference.

• Simply add your IMAP Server account with the login qualifications (you can add different post boxes from your IMAP Server account too). Once added, click Set Channel and Relocate choice to move further.

• Apply channels (Envelope Audit, Date Channel/Prohibit void/Bar erased organizer, Avoid recently moved things, and so on) according to your necessities and afterward click Relocate. It will ask the record design for saving the information. Select PST and snap alright.

• Then, at that point, add an area on your framework to save the PST document and snap alright.

• The movement begins and will show the fruition message toward the end.


The IMAP Reinforcement programming gives a basic and productive technique for safeguarding IMAP letter box information as PST records. One of the striking benefits of this product is that you don't have to have Outlook introduced on your framework to play out the reinforcement. This makes it more helpful for clients who might not approach Outlook or really like to utilize an alternate email client. Moreover, you can attempt the preliminary variant of the product to survey its effectiveness and reasonableness for your requirements prior to making a buy.

10 Nov 2023

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