Top 5 Plagiarism Detectors for Freelance Writers
Team Fueler

12 Sep, 2022

Top 5 Plagiarism Detectors for Freelance Writers

Writing unique content for clients can become a real challenge when you have to work in a specified niche, followed by a set of guidelines.

It's one of the biggest challenges for freelance writers as they have to make their way to research the assigned topic on a specific niche. So how can freelance writers ensure quality work to build their reputation in front of clients?

To ensure the uniqueness of written content, freelance writers can take assistance from online plagiarism checkers to evaluate their work. These online tools are equipped with efficient crawlers that detect the similarity between the pre-published content and your unique written content.

But there are numerous options to choose from, and writers may not have that much time on their hands to try them as they have to meet deadlines.

However, we have made things easier for you by featuring the top 5 plagiarism detection tools for freelance writers to assist them in becoming true professionals

Top 5 Plagiarism Detectors for Freelancing

Now we will discuss some of the widely used and trusted plagiarism detecting tools with their features to elaborate on how they are helpful for freelance writers. We will also share the pricing plan of each tool so the freelancers can avail services according to their requirements.


Simple duplication detection may seem like a mainstream feature that you may find in every plagiarism detector. But this tool goes one step ahead by highlighting the poorly paraphrased content to mark it as plagiarized material.

The plagiarism detector by Prepostseo is one of the most efficient and secure online plagiarism checkers. It's a versatile option for those freelance writers who write content in multiple languages as this tool supports an extensive range of languages for duplication comparison. 

Pricing: The standard monthly plan starts from $20, while the standard yearly plan starts from $150.


  • Free plagiarism checking up to 1000 words.
  • Supports more than 19 different languages.
  • Allows text file uploading of various formats.
  • Highlights plagiarized content with matched sources.
  • Free downloadable plagiarism report.

PL Text

The plagiarism checker by PL Text is a duplication detector and remover as an all-in-one tool. It presents a very simple and easy-to-use interface for first-time users. This online tool is helpful for students, freelancers, bloggers, and researchers.

It allows checking plagiarism from a maximum of 1000 words and may ask you to sign up if you wish to increase the word limit. This tool presents a complete ratio of uniqueness and plagiarism by featuring all the online resources in a detailed report.

Pricing: The tool is free to check up to 1000 words and does not offer any paid plans.


  • Provides an option to edit the plagiarized document.
  • Presents complete detail on matched resources.
  • Highlights the duplicated sections.
  • Detects poorly paraphrased content as well.
  • Allows you to compare the edited and original versions of your text.


Plagiarism Detector by Editpad is one of the most efficient tools as it presents the detailed reporting of duplicated content. It allows you to check plagiarism for up to 1000 words, absolutely free.

This tool is fairly easy to use and efficient in bringing results. It mentions the breakdown of unique and plagiarized sentences for better understanding and comparison.

Pricing: The tool is free to access to check up to 1000 words without signing up.


  • Free plagiarism checking service.
  • Accurate reporting with detailed resources.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Highlights resources and gives a percentage for each of them.
  • Allows the option to upload document files.

Trust My Paper

This online plagiarism checker was made exclusively to assist students and researchers. However, it does a decent job of checking plagiarism from blog posts and informational articles. This plagiarism checker actively performs after signup and imposes a 24-hour limit on each usage.

Trust My Paper allows you to check plagiarism from up to 10,000 characters in one go. You can also add the title of your written work to compare the uniqueness of the topic, as it's an important aspect of search engine optimization.

Pricing: The pricing plan depends on your usage and is flexible so that you can make your own. The initial price starts from $12.99 per page for 14 days.


  • Allows checking plagiarism from up to 10,000 characters at a time.
  • Check duplication from the title of your content.
  • Supports document uploading feature from various file formats.
  • Supports more than 150 languages.
  • Shows originality and duplication percentage.

Check Plagiarism

Regarding blog writing or article writing, the limitation of words is a serious concern with every tool. But with Check-plagiarism, you can check duplication from over 2000 words in one go.

This plagiarism detector has no condition of trial usage or sign-in. You can freely use it as many times as you want.

This tool's accurate reporting and efficient checking make it an ideal choice for freelancers. You can upload multiple article files at a time. The detailed report breaks down each sentence as unique and plagiarized content and mentions the similarity percentage with a summary of links.

Pricing: Initially, this tool is free to use. As for premium plans, you can pay $20/month or $125/year.


  • Supports multiple languages for plagiarism checking.
  • Allows up to 2000-word count support.
  • Supports various file formats, including PDF, DOCX, and TXT.
  • Filter to exclude URLs from input text.
  • Detailed reporting with mentioned percentage against each sentence.

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Freelance writers have to maintain the uniqueness in their content as it has become a ranking factor defined by search engines. Even if you don't intend to duplicate content from another source, you may land on unintentional plagiarism while writing in your tone and style. Therefore, it's vital to perform a duplication check with the help of a plagiarism checker to ensure the quality of the content. 

This article featured the top 5 plagiarism detection tools for freelance writers to help them achieve a better professional reputation. We also mentioned the pricing and features of each tool so you can make the right choice.

We hope this article was helpful for you in providing progressive assistance for your freelance career.

Special thanks to Elena Finch for writing this blog and helping us learn about Semantic SEO.

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