Flipkart Success or Failure?

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Genre: Business/Startup


Story: Sachin Bansal was one of the co-founder Flipkart. He has done everything he could do to make Flipkart a household name in India. However due to internal politics he had to leave the executive position and sale his dream to Walmart.


Concept: On left we used green chart to show Flipkart is growing while on the right hand side we change the background to red downward chart to show that Flipkart is going down. 


 We also tried to change the half of Flipkart from yellow to red that shows they are in trouble.

 To create a suspense a question has been asked "Why Sachin Left Flipkart?". Small detail here "Left" is on red colour to create contrast also to indicate that something bad has happened.




19 Aug 2023

Graphic design
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Sachin Bansal

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