How to Recover and Remove Outlook PST Password

Users now find it challenging to keep up with their data as the world moves toward digital platforms. To protect the data, they set a password for their PST files. Users frequently use Outlook, and occasionally they forget their password. To access their data, individuals hunt for ways to recover their Outlook PST passwords.  

Microsoft's Outlook is a well-known tool, and people all around the world use it to store and communicate important data. The email client is incredibly user-friendly for everyone. Additionally, they need to protect their data because it is a widely used email client and many users store their information there.  

Users may desire to change their outdated passwords for a variety of reasons. Users can only modify and create new passwords with their old ones. Users can restore their previous Outlook PST password using a reputable third-party program if they can't remember it.


Why does the PST file's password need to be removed?

To keep their data safe and secure, several customers who use Outlook frequently change the password for their PST files. It's a good idea for users to frequently change the PST files' passwords. Due to the numerous incidences of user data breaches that have occurred recently, it is essential for users.  

All users are being informed that it is advised by security experts to continue changing their passwords every 30, 60, or 90 days. Users have the option of erasing the password from the PST file and then creating a new one. Your data will be safeguarded from any unauthorized users thanks to this procedure. Users are the only ones who can access the data once they have set a password for their PST file.

How can I get my Outlook PST password back?

Both manual and automated ways will be available to users to retrieve, erase, or set the PST file password. The manual method is a little challenging and time-consuming to briefly describe. As a result, users these days steer clear of this approach and opt for the reliable third-party solution. Users do not have to wait for hours for the task to be finished using the expert approach, which takes less time. We will first walk users through both techniques before starting the process. The method that users choose to utilize to recover their Outlook PST passwords is up to them.  


Manually remove the password from the PST file.

1. Any person who feels comfortable with a manual process can use this one. See the steps listed below to continue with the manual process of recovering the Outlook PST password.

2. Tap the file option in Outlook, then select Account Settings and tap the Account Setting option once more.

3. You must now select the PST file whose password you want to erase and tap on the setting when the account-setting window appears in front of you.

4. Select the "Change Password" option from the Outlook data file window.

5. Now type the previous password in the box and select OK.

How to retrieve the password for Outlook PST

1. Users of Outlook 2002 or earlier versions can utilize this tool. Users can benefit from this utility if the PST file is created in ANSI format rather than Unicode. This page details how to use this utility in its entirety.

2. Close Outlook first, then make a copy of the PST file.

3. After that, repair the PST copy by running scanPST.exe in the Outlook directory.

4. Copy and move the file to pst19upg.exe once you have repaired the PST file.

5. In the window, press window+R, type CMD, and then press the enter key.

6. The next step is to type pst19upg.exe and press the Enter key.

7. Then, touch the enter option after typing "pst19upg.exe-x pstCopy.pst" into the new window, and a new Pstcopy will open. There will be a PSX.

8. Users can then rename the original PST files after that.

9. Now type in CMD "pst19upg.exe -i PstCopy.psx" and press the enter key.

10. A new PST file will then be generated, and this one won't require a password.\\

11. Users can successfully recover their Outlook PST password by following the procedures.  

professional way to unlock the PST file password

Users dislike the manual approach described in the paragraph above. Users wish to utilize the instant procedure to recover the password to erase it from the PST file. To try the GainTools Outlook Password Recovery tool, we strongly advise users to. Passwords for Outlook PST files can only be swiftly recovered using expert techniques.

1. Install the software by downloading the GainTools Outlook Recovery Tool from the GainTools website.

2. To delete the password, launch the tool, tap the Add icon, and then add the PST file.

3. You can now see the newly uploaded PST files. Three choices will then be presented to you: Recover, Remove, and Set Password.

4. The user will press the Remove password option because we need to remove the password.

5. The process to erase the password will now start; after it is finished, finish it by tapping the OK button.

6. After the process is complete, the complete report for the entire task will be generated. Users can examine the organized procedure.

7. The aforementioned techniques will make it simple for users to erase passwords from PST files.

The GainTools Outlook Password Recover Tool has benefits.

Users must be excited to learn more about the tool's functionality and capabilities since they are about to try the described tool. Users desire to learn more about the product before using the tool. Review the tool's features listed below.

1. There are no file size limitations, therefore users can contribute several files.

2. Outlook PST passwords may be quickly added, deleted, or recovered using the program.

3. The utility can also unlock password-protected PST files that are too large.

4.The PST file was created using Outlook 2007's prior, older version. You can also reset the passwords for 2010, 2016, and 2013.

5. The PST files can be unlocked in a manner akin to ANSI and Unicode.

6. The software supports PST files of any length and in any number of languages.

7. you can move forward after unlocking the PST file and seeing the password.

8. Microsoft Outlook and Windows OS are both supported by the software.

9. The software moves quickly through the entire process.

10. It is quite easy to use this software thanks to its user-friendly GUI.

11. When the task is finished, the tool delivers a detailed report on each step.

12. To fully familiarize themselves with the software, users are advised to test out the tool's free demo version.

Users who read this article get access to the greatest PST file solution. Password forgetting is now a widespread issue that affects all users. As a result, you have arrived at the right website if you want to set, remove, or recover the Outlook PST password. Users will learn every detail of the process. We have also covered various techniques for password recovery. Therefore, since using a professional program is the simplest approach to recovering a PST file password, we advise people to do so. Check out the features and functionality of the professional tool in the text above.


18 Sep 2023

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